Odegraj rozmowę.
dowiedziałaś się ze twoja znajoama ze Szkocji przeprowadziła się do nowego domu. zadzwoń do niej aby zapytać o szczegóły.
A) powiedz jak dowiedziłas sie o przeprowadzce.
B)zapytaj o wyglad mieszkania
C)zapytaj o wrazenia znajomej związane z przeprowadzką.



- Hi Ania!
- Hello Suzy, I'm glad to hear from you again. I've heard that you moved house.
- Yes, that's true. How did you know that?
- Stephanie told me. I was talking with her two days ago. Can you tell me, how your house look like?
- There are a kitchen, a living room, bedroom and two other rooms and also a bathroom with a toilet. The living room is quite large!
- I guess I can imagine it. So how's your feeling about moving there?
- I'm really happy because of it. I have got a lot of place, where I can express myself in, for example, dancing. You know I love it! Maybe you can come to my place tomorrow?
- It's such a fantastic idea! So see you tomorrow? Bye Suzy!
- Goodbye Ania!
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