Bylo bardzo ciemno, a ja zostalam sama w domu na dzialce bo rodzice poszli do znajomych. nagle uslyszalam przerazający szum, grzmot i nagle cos spadlo na dach. podskoczylam ze strachu. zgaslo światlo. nie widzialam co sie dzieje. powoli wyszlam ze swojego pokoju w rece trzymalam świeczke. delikatny pŁomyk swieczki wcale mi nie pomagal. wszędzie byla ciemnośc i przerażająca cisza. nagle drzwi sie otworzyly i ujrzalam w nich jaką wielką postać. zaczelam krzyczeć i uciekać w strone swojego pokoju. zamknelam drzwi na klucz i schowalam sie pod Łóżko. nigdy sie tak nie balam. nagle ktos zaczal pukac do moich drzwi. nie chcialam otworzyć i wtedy uslyszalam znajomy glos. powiedzial tylko zebym uwazala na deszcz. światlo się zapalilo i dookola nikogo juz nie bylo. nie wiem co to bylo ale do dzisiaj mnie to przeraża.

...was very dark, and I was alone in the house on a lot because my parents went to friends. Suddenly I heard a terrific roar, thunder, and suddenly something fell on the roof. jumped with fright. the light went out. I did not see what is happening. slowly came out of his room in the hand he held a candle. delicate flame of a candle does not help me. everywhere was a terrifying darkness and silence. Suddenly the door opened and he saw them, what a great character. I started to scream and run away toward his room. I shut the door and hid under the bed. never been so scared. suddenly, someone started knocking at my door. I did not want to open and then heard a familiar voice. told me to just remarked on the rain. Light is lit and around nobody was not there. I do not know what it was but to this day scares me.
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Whenever I remember that dark stormy night, even shiver passed me on the back as I walked in the woods at night because I lost a very exhausted because I was crouched down at the tree I sat for several minutes until zasnąłem.Gdzieś after an hour I was awakened by terrifying noise I got up quickly and hid behind tree, suddenly trampled dróżce szelestnym step followed was a tall man dressed in old clothes but when he stared at me noticed, I started to run straight ahead when I turned to see if he is not noticed that it ran after me as soon as I could but this male athlete was standing when I ran I noticed in the vicinity of the village began to cry "rescue" at the time a man came out of the house and a few other people caught him and called police later turned out that this was a serial killer, then the most frightened
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