Przekształć zdania i pytania na stronę bierną
1. How will they drive cars in the future?
2. Where have they taken your car?
3. Why did they cancel the train?
4. What caused traffic jams?
5. Who had cleaned the room?
6. Simone is writing a love letter.
7. They made glass from sand.
8.He hasn't washed the dishes yet.
10. King used this castle as a prison.



1.They will drive cars in the future
2.They have taken your car
3.They did cancel the train
4.What cause traffic jams?
5.Who have clean the room
6.Simone is write a love letter
7.Thay make glass from sand
8.He has wash the dishes yet
10.King use this castle as a prison
1 How the car will be run by them?
2where the car will be taken by them?
3Why did the train cancel by them?
4What jams are caused traffic ?
5the room had cleaned by who?
6. love letter is writing by Simone .
7. glass are made from sand by them.
8.the dishes hasn't washed by him yet.
10.this castle are used as a prison by King.