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Akapit 1: Podaj tytuł filmu, jego rodzaj. Napisz kto jest reżyserem, wymień aktorów.

Akapit 2: Napisz o głównej postaci lub głównych postaciach i o czym jest ten film.

Akapit 3: Napisz co ci się podoba w tym filmie

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Title: The Eye (oko)
Kind: horror
Directed by:David Moreau, Xavier Palud
* Jessica Alba as Sydney Wells
* Alessandro Nivola as Dr. Paul Faulkner
* Parker Posey as Helen Wells
* Rade Serbedzija as Simon McCullough
* Fernanda Romero as Ana Cristina Martinez
* Rachel Ticotin as Rosa Martinez
* Chloe Moretz as Alicia Milstone
* Tamlyn Tomita as Mrs. Cheung
* Landall Goolsby as Alex
* Brett A. Haworth as Shadowman
2)Sydney Wells is a successful classical violinist who has been blind since the age of five. Fifteen years later, Sydney undergoes a cornea transplant, which causes her eyesight to return, a bit blurry at first. As time goes on, Sydney's vision begins to clear; however she also begins experiencing terrifying visions, mostly of fire and of people dying. The bulk of the rest of the film concerns Sydney unravelling the mystery of the visions, and trying to convince others, primarily her visual therapist, Paul Faulkner, who becomes a helpmate in her quest. She knows that she is not going insane. She finds herself in Mexico, where the donated corneas were originally from. The fire and people dying are the result of an industrial accident that the former donor foretold and shortly after that hanged herself because she could not stop the accident from occurring. Sydney puts the spirit to rest, and began her trek home. As Sydney and Paul wait in a queue of vehicles to cross the border, a high speed police chase ends with the fugitive crashing through the border barriers and into a tanker full of gasoline.Sydney, able to still see the death silhouettes, had begun to try and get everyone she can off the highway. The tanker explodes from a spark in the getaway car's engine and Sydney is blinded by flying glass. After recovering at a hospital, she returns to her life as a blind violinist, though with a more optimistic view of her condition.

3)I like plot of the film, Action holding in the tension, make-up. I like also a cast
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BrzydUla (Polish brzydula means ugly woman while Ula is a common diminutive of the name Urszula) is a Polish telenovela which premiered on October 6, 2008, on TVN in Poland. The series is an adaptation of the Colombian telenovela Yo soy Betty, la fea. Polish version tells about a girl which has a sick father (Józef), a little disoriented brother (Jasiek) and very small sister, Beatka. Ula works in Febo&Dobrzański company which designs clothes. The telenovela tells also a stories of Ula's friends' life.

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Cinema paradiso was directed by Giuseppe Tornatore. It stars Philippe Noiret as Alfredo, and Salvatore Casio, who plays the part of the boy.. The film won an Oscar in 1989 for Best Foreign Language film.

The film is set in an Italian village in the 1940s and 50s. It was filmed on location in Sicily

The film is about a little boy called Salvatore who end up becoming a famous film director. At the beginning of the film, he goes to his village for the firts time in thirty years, for the funeral of an old friend Alfredo. The rest of the film is a 'flashback' about his childhood. In his village there is only one cinema, called Cinema Paradiso. Salvatore is crazy about film so he spends all his time there. He becomes friends with Alfredo, the man who shows the films, and later he works as his assistant. But when he is a teenager he leaves the village and goes to work in
Rome , and in the end he becomes a famous director. He never sees Alfredo again.

I strongly recommend Cinema Paradiso. It makes you laugh and cry, it has memoriable soundtrack, and it is moving tribute to the magic of the early days of cinema .
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