Na około stronę zeszytu. Napisać plan tekstu (czyli co jest w rozpoczęciu co w rozwinięciu i zakończeniu) i sam tekst po angielsku. Ma być w nim opis z wycieczki do muzeum czyli gdzie byłeś, kiedy byłeś, co robiłeś ciekawego, co widziałeś, co ma ciekawego muzeum w sobie, wrażenia.... z góry dziękuję.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
On Sundays we left after midnight with the motor coach from Warsaw. The travel long and painful. I did not stay without sleep during the all travel. In the morning we got to Berlin. The youth hostel we were reserved from the noon so by then we toured the city. In Poland we rented the guide which drove with us to Berlin and told to us about the city and also organized cards to museums and other attractions.He showed us many interested and worth of places and buildings. On the afternoon we drove to the youth hostel and we were lodging. Later we went to the centre of Berlin that to admire his charms. We returned to late evening the exactly fitting on supper. By two following days we got up the morning to breakfast, then we went to tour the city and we returned evening. We had also a free time for ourselves when we went after the city on one`s own. In the free time we went also after shopping centres and we spoke with German that to learn better German. Evening when we returned to the youth hostel and we ate suppers also we had later a free time. We played in games and also we spoke to be able to better get to know. To Warsaw we got off Berlin Thursday morning. After the way we visited Potsdam and in Warsaw we were late evening. I think that all were satisfied from the excursion bringing with themselves new experiences. I do not know how other but for me the greatest impression was made by the architecture of the city. I regret only that this was the last common class-excursion

napisałam przykład jakies wycieczki myśle że pomoże ci to i ułatwi zadanie . ;D
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