1. Complete each sentence with a word from the list. Use each word once only.

call take draw fall get come face fill go turn

a)I think we should .......... over our plan again before we tell the managing director.
b)Have you ......... up with any new ideas for advertising the new products?
c)Our deal with the Chinese company may ......... through, but we can sell the machinery to the German firm if necessary.
d)You have to .......... in this form, and return it to the personnel manager.
e)She didn't ............ with her boss, so she left the company.
f)If they don't give us a better price, we'll ........... down their offer.
g)I'm afraid we have to ............. up to the fact that the company is losing money.
h)Our lawyers are going to .......... up a new contract tomorrow.
i) A multinational company is trying to ........... over our firm, but we want to stay independent.
j)We had to .......... off the office party because of the economic situation.

Mam nadzieję, że już za chwilę usłyszę d o b r ą odpowiedź.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
A) go over - sprawdzić
b) come up with any new ideas- wpaść na pomysł
c) fall through - nie dojść do skutku
d) fill in - wypełnić
e) get with (tu mi czegoś brakuje, nie było czasem "on with", bo get on with znaczy dobrze sie z kimś dogadywać)
f) turn down - odrzucić
g) face up to - stawiać czoło
h) draw up (a plan) - nakreślić nowy plan
i) take over - przejąć
j) call off - odwołać
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Go over
come up
fall through
fill in
get on with
turn down
face up to
draw up
take over
call off
Go over .come up .fall through .fill in .get on with .turn down .face up to .draw up
take over
call off
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