In the picture I can see two men ang girl who warking in the garden. The people clean car her father and weiting probably on lunch.
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In the picture I can see bicycle riders. They (the people in the foreground) must be experienced/professional riders because of their equipment and dress. Their bicycles seem to be in a good condition. In the background there is a forest. There ate two ordinary people walking down the path, too.
Considering the way they look, It seems to me that the people in the picture are happy and devoted to their hobby. They’re probably having a break. The general atmosphere is positive.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Obraz Jana Matejki "Stańczyk"
Jan Matejko is the author of image "Stanczyk". Work has two plans. The first plan shows a meditating jester Stanczyk title. In the background, behind the hero, six people involved in adoption. The second plan is only the background highlighting the seriousness of the characters. It easily sits in a chair. Learned from his legs, hands, and made anxious or tired, down, head lowered. Jester has a pale face and red dress. In the room where we Stanczyk, is a bit dark. Through the window, gets only the moonlight and lanterns, and light illuminating the room. There is a piece of furniture with a throw. This painting is very interesting, I like. It is one of the best works of the artist.

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