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                                     'The best day of my life'

I have never thought that someday I would try and take up parachuting.  I've always been fearful of heights, but one day the opportunity appeared. A few months ago I decided to join my friends who were going to spend their holiday in a summer camp. When we got there, everybody seemed to be very kind. We had a very good time together and we also shared the same interests. On the day of our arrival the whole group and our coach arranged outdoor sports. There were various kinds of competitions. We were running, jumping, and there were many other different struggles. The coach said that there was a surprise for the best participant. To my astonishment, it turned out that it was I who won all the competitions!
I had no idea that I was the best! My friends called me 'competition god'. I didn’t know what to do. I was reluctant about jumping and horrified at the same time. However, if I hadn’t jumped, everyone would have turned their backs on me. Jumping out of the plane was the worst thing in my life, nevertheless, I shall never be afraid anymore. If I had known that feeling before,
I would have never thought about it like of something scary. I felt like I was flying. If I could,
I would do that again. That was the best day of my life.   I am bound not to forget that. From that time on, I strongly believe that what is supposed to happen, will happen anyway, that's why we should never be scared. I also believe that nothing happens for a reason.


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