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Mat's rat name is Parszywek. Mat's rat is 6 months ago so he is young. He's very big and fat. He is brown. Parszywek has got long tail, big ears, four legs and funny nouse. Parszywek likes when Mat play with him.
Write about mat's rat.

The leading seaman has the rat about the name large parcel. Large parcel has 4 months. He is thin. A ginger has the colour. He has four little hands in the colour for whites. He is agile, fast and very much he likes the food.

Mat ma szczura o imieniu Pako . Pako ma 4 miesiące. Jest chudy. Ma kolor rudy. Cztery łapki ma w kolorze białym. Jest zwinny, szybki i bardzo lubi jeść.
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Mat's rat is a Kaczan. A rat is so tiny but very quick. It's have big green eyes, small pretty nose and huge ears and a long tail. I like this rat because it's always want to fun with me. It's so nice.
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