Julius of Gabrielles Verne, Jules of Gabrielles Verne (was born. 8 February 1828 in Nantes, died. 24 March 1905 in Amiens) - French writer, one of pioneers of the kind science fiction, named "with grandfather science fiction". He wrote a lot of travel novels and fantastic-scientific and (what is less well-known) wrote, geographical, crime historical novels, stage plays and poems. At present his books universally are being ranked among literature for young people. Father of the author, Pierre Verne, ran a law firm. Young Julius (behind the persuasion of the family, and mainly of father) he studied law in Paris, he tried to earn on the stock-market, but he didn't give literary attempts up. After a dozen or so years of diverse, persistent searches a cycle of the novel began Unusual journeys which provided him with the important place in world literature. He was a publisher of Verne'a works Pierre-Jules Hetzel (next son Jules) publishing Magasin d ’ Éducation ah de Récréation (the Magazine of the education and entertainment). Long-term, repeatedly prolonged contracts joined the well-known author and the enterprising publisher. Verne travelled all over world, however less vastly than heroes of his works. He visited 15 countries in Europe and in the basin of the Mediterranean sea as well as he held one journey through the Atlantic to the United States and Canada. Since was tremendously well-read, therefore diverse messages to books: geographical, historical, technical drew from literature. For his workshop needs he created and he used the large set of cards, specific database with the information. A few titles rose as the effect of the cooperation with other authors. They illustrated Verne'a books: Édouard Riou, Jules Férat, Léon Benett, George Roux. The publisher to a large extent influenced the plot and contents of works. Posthumously published works of Julius Verne'a were edited and supplemented (even to a considerable degree) by the son. The Verne'a artistic work repeatedly was being adapted for the purposes of the theatre (in one's own lifetime of writer) and of film. Although Verne was the most widely-read author in it times, the biggest profits brought him theatrical adaptations. Sailing were his great passion - owned three boats, on which he has often created one by one. Wife - Honorine (marriage ceremony - 1857), son - Michel (B 1861), two stepdaughters - Valentine (B 1852) and Suzanne (B 1853). Daughter from outside the married couple - Claire Marias Duchesne (B 1865). The writer was buried on the graveyard La Madeleine in Amiens.