My best friend is Tomek
He like play computera game and volleball.
Tomek hate go to school.
He love eat pizza.
My best friend like drink cola.
I like my best friend , becouse is fanny.

Mysle ze ci pomogłem chyba troche jest tam byków. POZDRAWIAM
I saw, how a silver blade went thru her belly. Her eyes opened, and showed how scared and shocked she was, but I couldn't do anything. I couldn't move, I was attached to a tree. I stopped breathing. My heart seemed to freeze. Everything that I loved was lying on a white sand now... Dead. I started laughing like a madman, it was so funny. Don't you think so? But, soon I couldn't see anything, because of the tears falling form my eyes. They were bitter. I felt, I fell into darkness, without any hope. Loneliness surrounded me... I thought, that my heart will tear apart in a moment, it hurt so badly... But then I heard steps. The murder came to me and smiled. Then, one feeling filled all my body, giving me the strength, that I hadn't have never before. Every part of my soul, and body was filled with lust of revenge.