Ansewer the examiner's questions about this photo.
(odpowiedz na ponizsze pytania(ilustracja w załaczniku)
1. what do you think is going to happen next?
2. In your opinion, what characteristics should a good boyfriend or girlfriend have?



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1.As far as I can see these two people don't know each other so it's difficult to predict what is going to happen there in a minute. But I've got a feeling that even though they aren't looking at each other , they still do fancy talking.So , I reckon that they are going to break the silence and have a conversation.

2.Certainly a good boyfriend shouldn't be more interested in meeting his mates than in meeting his girlfriend, what unfortunately occures very often.He also should show her his commitment in various situations and what is even more important is that he should be faithful.
As for a good girfliend , then I believe that she also is obliged to be faithful and care. Moreover she should often try to read his mind and try to guess if everything is ok because we all know that men sometimes hide their problems and it's difficult to help them.
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1.I see that maybe these two people do not know. I think that they intend to break the silence and become acquainted.
2.In my opinion a good girl should be: honest, loving, loyal, sociable, nice.