Imagine a relative in America gave you an
‘experience gift’ for your birthday. Write an
informal thank you letter. Include the following:
- say thank you and describe the day and what
you did in the evening
- say what other presents you received



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi John

How are things with you? Hope okay. I'm writting to thank you for your experience gift. It is the best gift I've ever recieved.
That day when i had a birthday party i invited about 20 people. I organised a party in a tiny restaurant. I had a huge chocolate birthday cake. Everybody sang a song and after that we danced all night. I recieved a cute teddy bear from my boyfriend and a big fluffy heart from my best friend. I also got a new cellphone from my parents.
I have to end, because i have lots of things to do. Write to me soon.
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