Czy zgadzasz sie z ponizszymi zdaniami, tak lub nie i dlaczego-uzasadnij! (odpowiedzi oczywiscie po angielsku)

1. I would be shocked if I saw man wearing make-up.
2. I'd be surprised if a boy I know started going to ballet classes.
3. Girls should have the opportunity to learn to play football at school.
4.Both boys and girls should learn how to cook.
5.Both boys and girls should help with the housework.
6. Women should be allowed to join the army.
7. A man can look after children just as well as a woman.
8. I don't mind if the President of my country is a man or a woman, as long as he/she is good.



1. I would be shocked if I saw a man wearing make-up because men generally don't wear make-up.
2. I wuldn't be surprised if a boy I know started going to ballet classes because ballet dancers are boys and gitls.
3. I agree with this but genrally speaking I think that girls can go to such classes nowadays. There are no problems with that.
4. I agree with this idea because nowadays both men and women have to take care of the house. It happens that men take care of children and women stay at work late and they go up their career ladder.
5. definitely yes. It was quite popular in the past that only men worked and provided women with money. but these days are gone and in the time of feminism and equality of rights both men and women should know how to deal with housework.
6. women are allowed to join the army. but of course in some countries it doesn't happen but anyway that's a good idea and it is a natural consequence of equaity of rights.
7. Many experts say that women are more likely to look after children since they can easily and naturally feel the motherhood instinct. Fatherhood instinct is more than sure when it comes to own children but it is not so obvious with other children. As far as I know it all depends on what type of person you are and what you have experienced in your home.
8. it's definitely true. I can even see more advantages of a fact that a woman is the president of my country. women have far more better attitude towards conflicts and theor main priority is to take care of people and not just fight for their pride.

troche skomplikowane te odpowiedzi, ale tematy nadaja sie conajmniej na tematy prac magisterskich :)
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. I think I would't be shocked because a lot of man for example a dencer wearing make-up. In the TV sometimes we see strange people
2 I think that yes becouse ballet is for a girl, and boy in tights looking funny
3.Yes becouse it is not important that you are boy or girl the most important is good fun
4. yes of course becouse it would be useful for them in the future
5 the best solution is that everybody should cleaned up after themselves
6 everyone has the right to engage in activities which are loved
7 yes because he love his children as strongly as a women
8 no because can equally well govern-state be man or woman
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