I always go to home after school. I eat dinner with my familly and often watching TV. I never reading a book. After dinner I usually do my homework and I sometimes learn.
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I always do my homework.
I always have with my parents diner.
I often read books.
I often play computer games.
I sometimes sleep.
I sometimes go shop.
I never ride a bike.
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After school I always eat good dinner.
Then I go to my room and always turn on computer.
I'm usually playing games 1-2 hours.
When I'm tired I sometimes go with my friends to cinema.
If film is boring we usually go playing basketball or football.
After all, every evening, I go to disco.
Sometimes I go to home at 21 o'clock, but usually it's near 23.
Usually, when I going to sleep, first I must go to bathroom and clean everything.
TV Player is always loudly so I need to turn it off.
And then I always sleeping with good dreams. :)
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