Napisz e maila do kolegi i opowiedz mu o:
*jak często chodzisz do kina i jakie filmy lubisz oglądać
*jakie sporty uprawiasz a jakie oglądasz w telewizji
*jakie lubisz czytać książki
*twoje ulubione sposoby spędzania weekendu



Writes to you, because after your move to a new city very much for you longingly. Much is happening now! Last went to the Jolka cinema with a parallel class on romantic comedies. Our favorite movie genre.
Then, with Mom and Dad went to my brother's game. Football is boring
I don't like this sport, crop, volleyball or basketball. The most I like to watch television handball, but I don't like play . Later, Kate and Aneta went to the bookstore and bought a new book romantic, and I like it. During the weekend I go to the zoo and the shopping center with friends, but I miss you terribly. Please please reply immediately when you get this letter.

<your name>