A nurse has to help injured people.
A nurse hasn't know how to operate patient.

A policeman has to catch criminals.
A policeman hasn't wake up early every day.

A painter has to be creative.
A painter hasn't work definite hours.

A fireman has to be aware of threat.
A fireman hasn't graduate studies.

A cleaner has to be accurate.
A cleaner hasn't have special education.
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A fireman has a dangerous job.
A fireman hasn't work daily

A doctor has many patients.
A doctor hasn't manual work.

A carpenter do in wood.
A carpenter hasn't light work.

A footballer must much run.
A footballer hasn't a lot of work.

A housewife has keep house.
A housewife hasn't work outside the home.
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1) A model need to be vary pretty, because she work for life by her body.
Models are usually very hight, it's because tall people look better on the runway.

2) Miners are strong, cuz everyday they carry tons of carbon.
When miner came back to home, he is all in muck and black dirt.

3) Doctors safe lives everyday.
Thanks to hight qualified doctors we have less incurable illness.

4) Teachers makes students smarter.
Teachers usually finds scapegoats in pupils, when something bad happens in school.

5) Backer make bred for people.
Bakers need to get up early for work, because shops need fresh bred in the morning.

6) Electrician is changing bulbs, when one of them burns off.
When there is no electricity, electrician make everything work again.

7) Musician know how play on guitar and make music.
The concerts are playing by well known musicians, so a lot of people will come.

8) Actors play in the moves and soup operas.
Actors and actress, if they are well known have a lot of fan clubs and fans.

9) Writers are writing books that we are reading in home.
Being writer has got good sides, like for instance: they working in home.

10) Farmers have huge fields with fruits and vegetables for sale.
Thanks to farmers we have fresh fruits in shop shelf everyday.
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