Potrzebuje Wypracowanie na temat Mój ujubiony program TV był bym wdzieczny jak mogli byscie przerobic ten tekst na Program "Świat Według kiepskich"
My favourite TV programme is the American series "Sabrina nastoletnia czarownica". I like Sabrina because the stories in the programme are great. I also think that it's very exciting and interesting. In the series, Sabrina Spellman, is a teenager. She use magic buy only at home. She lives with two aunts- Hildy and Zeldy in the quiet town. Sabrina goes to normal school. She also uses her powers to help people. In my opinion, the best is Sabrina's cat Salem, he can talk. He's interesting. I love Sabrina and her Family.



My favourite TV programme is probably the best known Polish series "Swiat wedlug kiepskich". The show follows the life of a dysfunctional Polish family from Wrocław, who live in an old apartment. Leading part in this sitcom plays Andrzej Grabowski, actually my favourite polish actor ever. Ferdek - his name from the series, is an unemployed, lazy man after his fourties, who usually drink beer called "Mocny full" and watching TV. He also often has argue with his wife and his neighbour - Pazdzioch. Most episodes are centered on Ferdek, who tries to make various schemes to improve his financial or life situation, all of which ultimately fail. I also paid my attention on 25-year old son of Ferdynand and Halina - Waldus. Like his father he is unemployed. His life centers on bodybuilding or drinking beer with his father, and he avoids books and studying as much as he can. Walduś had problems with finishing elementary school, but after many attempts he succeeded. Series are very funny and i always do enjoy watching it.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My favourite TV programme is the Polish series "Świat według Kiepskich". I like it because the stories in the programme are enormously funny. I also think that it's very true, it shows reality of some Polish houses. In the series the main character, Ferdynand Kiepski, is an adult with no work. Hee does everything to have a lot of money and do nothing tiring to get them. He lives with whole family in Wrocław. He has two neighbours, Mr. Paździoch and Mr. Boczek. Every day they think about ways of earning money. In my opinion, the best is Ferdynand Kiepski, the main character, because he is really funny and sometimes shows stupidity on hight level, this charakter bases on nonsence. I love this kind of humour and that's why I like so much Ferdynand and his family.