It was happend last night in my room. I was with my best friend - (imie najlepszej kolezanki). We're watching television, and suddenly it blackouts. And every were was darkness. We are so scared! Furthermore, we saw something in my wardrobe.
We come to it, open it, and we saw my cat !
Yes, my cat...

nie wiem czy dobrze. xD
ale ja bym tak napisala. ; )))
One cold night, two girls were sitting in the room alone, watching TV and talking. They decided to turn off the light, talk about ghosts and tell scary stories. They also decided to leave the TV on. After about an hour TV turned off by itself and they didn't know what happened, because they were far away from it. They were scared and they thought it was a ghost so they were hiding under the bed. Suddenly closet opened and girls screamed, but after a while they saw that it was a.. cat! They came out from under the bed and tried to turn on the light but it didn't work. In the same moment their mum came and told them that there is no electricity on their street.