Proszę o napisanie mi najgorszego dnia w życiu i najlepszego dnia w życiu w j.angielskim w czasie przeszłym , ponieważ nie jestem dobra z j. angielskiego a chcę poprawić sprawdzian, na którym to było. Jest to sprawdzian z ostatniego unitu z 1 gimnazjum blockbuster .Będę wdzięczna.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
The first of September on thousand nine hundred and ninety-nin, I remember to this day. This was the most important day in my life. I was then 7 years old, his hans in a cast and want to go to school. I woke up early in the morning, my mother helped me to dress- I was wearing a beautiful white jacket and navy skirt. Start of the school years would start at nine. I was wondering how the school and with whom I can learn from. School was great. I was afraid that I lose in it. When I went inside it was a lot of children. I did not know anyone there, except for a few friends from the yard. I talked briefly with them and my mother went with me to my class. I sat with my new friends in the pews when you entered any. Was our teacher. She loked beautifully- she was young and had a charming smile. She told us about the school and classroom. Then I went home with my mother, to a new books into the new backpack and was ready to start schooling.

My worst day at school was a Friday. Then I went to the first class gymnasium. In the morning I ate breakfast, washed up, dressed and went to school. That day I had six classes-math, oikush, physics, chemistry, English and geograpfy. The first two lessons have passed quietly, but the physics I was nervous because I didn't understand the subject and not regained their homework. Bell rang for classes. Everyone took their seats. The teacher asked me to show her his notebook. I gave it to her and when I wanted to say that it is not regained their homework, because I do not know how, you began to scream that we deal with the jokes. I got my first number one in my life. After the lesson I went to her and told what I wanted. I explained to the task. Since then always do writing homework...

Jak coś, to pisz na privie, to prześlę Ci tlumaczenie:)
Mój najgorszy dzień -

I had a bad day. First I woke up late, I could not find socks. When I found them.I dressed up, I washed and went to school.I missed because I could not find shoes in the cloakroom, so I went without shoes.Everyone in the class laughed at me because I slipped on the floor. Teacher has listed my account. I had F one in mathematics for a test. When I came home a large dog chased me. It was horrible !

mój najlepszy dzień -

I woke up. I thought it will be a nice day. I dressed up, I washed and went to school. I met my friends. I had A from chemistry ! What`s a luckily day ! Oh, I forgot ! I had again A from Physics ! It`s my best day !