Let's watch the news. I need some money. Where can I buy the furniture? Where is the information point? Put your luggage here. I can tell you some advice. Pass me the milk, please. Is pasta today's dinner? I have to buy some rice. The traffic lights are still red.
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News - I have for you good news, you pass an exam!
money - My dad gots beter work 1 month ago, and now he has more money.
furniture - My neighbour has ugly furniture I think he should to buy new furniture.
information - Hey I can't belive it, my friend wanted money for information.
luggage - I think I taken so much luggage on the holiday.
advice - The policeman had for me good advice, he told me than smoking is bad.
milk - Hey son can you go to shop buy milk ?
pasta - My grandmother is doing now pasta for us on the evening.
rice - My girlfriend told me at school than she don't like rice because it's white hmm i don't understand her.
traffic - I think than todey is great traffic.
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In the TV programme, there are news about medicines and illness.
When people have a lot of money, they are usually mean and nasty.
In my house, there are very colorful and modern furniture.
This information is very bad and I don't want to tell about this my parents.
Your luggage is on the right side, next to the table.
Her advice was good enough and I decided to go out.
You need pasta, eggs, milk and flour to make this meal.
Rice is very popular in China.
Traffic road was long yesterday, so I was late for work.