Hi Kate, here at the beautiful room.I`m can, the beach is wonderful and great. I met many interesting people.Well to play.
Kissing Zuzia.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi Jamie,

How are you and your familly? Hope all okay. I'm writing to tell you about my holiday in Spain. It's amazing!
Spain is a really hot country. The temperature is so high that people go out at night! Right now I'm lying on the sunny beach with Mark, who is writing to his parents. There is a boy next to us who is swimming and a group of teenagers who are playing volleyball. There is also a handsome man who is still looking at me and smiling.
I have to end because, we are going to swim. Write to me soon!
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Dear John,
How are you? I'm fine. I want to tell you about my holiday in Portugal. It's exciting! I don't except, that it's a really hot country - like Spain or Greece (you was there, right?). Now I'm on the beach and I'm sunbathing with my new buddy Vinny. People around us is having fun. Everybody is relaxed.
I have to finish - I'm going to mountains, later dive and swimming. See you soon,
Your Kate.
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