My mum is very patient. She never gets nervous or angry. She is tolerant too. She loves every my friend. But she never knows what we;re talking naw. She always ask me: but what we are talking about? it makes my nervous...but i know she got's to remember too many things...I want to be like her!
My dad is hard-working. He often takes jab to home. But when he don't think about work he is really funny and he tells lot's of jokes. He always sing in the shower. He is bad singer! But it's so funny.
My granny is talk-active. She always told me stories for her life. Same of them i have heard many times, but i never tell it her, because i think they are quite intresting! And i have never seen her unhappy. She is the best cook i have ever met!
My grangfather is always happy. He laughs a lot. He is funny too. Sometimes he don't understand today's world. I often translete him what for are some things, but he study fast! He is very bride , sometimes i ask him for advice...
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