-the size your family
-the relationship between your brothers and sisters
-therelationship withyour parents
-the relationship with your grandparents and other relatives
-if one or both parents work
Musze napisac odpoweedzi do tych pytań.Mam jednego brata mame i tate .Czeam na odpwiedz.



My family is usual and small. I have one brother and parents. My relationships with my brothers are very good. He is really nice for me and he helps me everytime when ask him. My relationships with my parents are as good as relationships with my brother. I love them very much and they love me. Everytime when I ask for help they try to find solution of my problem. I usually ask my mum because my dad works in a hospital and he hasn't much free time. It was my family.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My family is an usual one. It consists of: my parents, my younger brother and me. My relationship with my brother isn't bad. He's sometimes getting on my nervers, but it's not a big problem. My parents are really easy-going people. My relationship with them is really good and we're going on very well. They always let me do what I want, but when I have a problem they help me to deal with it. My relationship with my grandparents is also great. Every summer i visit them. They are really nice people. My both parents work. My dad is a doctor and my mother's an accountant. They both have really absorbing jobs, so sometimes they don't have much time for me.
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