Work in paris.Look at the pictures and put them in order to make a crime story.

1. zatrzymanie złodzieja przez policję
2. wyprowadzienie z radiowozu przed więzieniem
3. ucieczka z walizką pieniędzy
4. napad na bank , wybranie kasy ze sejfu
5. Pamięciowy portret rabusia
6. mężczyzna telefonuje a rabuś kradnie samochód

Proszę o napisanie opowiadania w czasie Pat Simple i Past Continuous



A man walked into the Bank of America and wrote on a bank form,this a robery.Put all yur monney in this bag.Then he waited in the queue.But he was worried that someone had seen him write the note,so he left the Bank of America and crossed the street to the Wells Fargo Bank.He gave the note to a bank assistantthere,and said that he was robbing the bank.The assistant read a note.She noticed his spelling mistakes,and decided that he wasn't very clever.She said that he was in the Wells Fargo Bank and said that he needed to take the form to the Bank of America.The man looked upset,,but he left the Wells Fargo Bank.The assistant then quickly called the police.She told the police that a man had tried to rob the bank.The police arrested the man a few minutes later.He was waiting in the queue at the Bank of America.
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