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It hapend when I was six years old. This was my first day in the playgroup (zerówka). I went with my mum to the builing. I undressed and my mum leaded me to the playroom. In this room was many children and carer (opiekun). When my mum wanted to go home I began to cry. I didn't want to stay alone. She must to stay with me for few hours. Later I began to play with another children and I didn't notice that my mum went home. I came to like this place. I went eagerly to the playgroup.

It hapend when I was eight years old. I was with my class and my tutor (wychowawca) in the cinema. We watched some carton. We came back with the bus, but my class got on the bus and I stay on the bus stop. When I noticed this, the bus already left. I didn't know what I suppose to do, so I decided to go to school. After half an hour I was in my school. My class told me that tutor looked for me. The tutor was very angry, but at the same moment he was happy that so no harm done.