Remember for a long time. It is based on the book of Sylvia Nasar, which describes a story of a mentally ill person. The main characters are played by Russel Crowe, Ed Harris, Jennifer Connely,Vivien Cardone, Jude Hirsch and Josh Lucas. It was directed by Ron Howard and the music was compsed by James Horner.

It tells the story of Professor John Nash, who is played by Russel Crowe. We first see him as a student of Princeton in 1947. He studies Mathematics and is brilliant at it. Some years later he starts teaching at the university and in the meantime he tries to break the code for a shady government agent, William Parcher played by Ed Harris. After a while he meets Alicia, who soon becomes his wife. They lead a perfect life until Johns starts to have paranoid hallucinations. After being at hospital for some time, the doctors say that he has got schizophrenia. Nevertheless, his wife decides to be with him to the end of his life.

The movie is brilliantly directed. Even those, who are not good at Mathematics will not be bored watching it. When John starts to see what cannot be seen by the others, his acting is outstanding. While watching this film we have an impression that we live in this world due to the perfect scenery and music.

All in all, I would recommend watching this film. Hundreds of us believe in love to the end of our lives and this film certainly is the one which shows what it really means to love somebody for better or worse. Women will fall in love with handsome and smart Russel Crowe, while the opposite sex will spent unforgettable moments watching beautiful and sin worthy Jennifer Connely.
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The film I've seen recently is "The Final Destination 4". It's a horror in 3D version. The director is famous American maker - David R. Ellis. It's the second "Final Destination" in his career.
The movie is about a group of friends. One of them, Nick (Bobby Campo), has got a dreadful vision - it'll be an accident and everybody will die. They' re leaving the stadion fast with another 12 people. But death will come back to take them.
The plot is really predictable - everybody have to die and they're trying everything to tsop it. But a scriptwriter prepare something special for the audience. Scens of dying are really breathtaking and apalling. But really efective due to 3D effects. I was covering my eyes when that scenes appeard on the screen.
I enjoy the soundtrack very much. There's a lot of rock music, which I like. Guitars are quite great.
All in all, I can recomend this film only for "The Final Destination" fans. It's really predictable and the only mistery is how characters will die. The strongest site of the movie are 3D effects, without them film may be borrying. So, if you want to see blood in front of your eyes just go and see it. Horrors in 3D can be good fun.