Our teachers have done many things for schooling; all the doctors, lawyers do their work today because they had teachers who taught them.
It’s important to have education, the kids are the future and if they don’t go to a good school now, in the future there won’t be professionals like today.
The technology is moving on all the time, so I think there will always be a way to learn with teachers in a school or with robots in our houses.
We know much about robots. They can learn good, because of his computer memory, but they never replace the human teaching.
With teachers, computers or robots the information that we will learn will be the same, but there are a lot of ways to explain it.
I believe that robots will teach things in different and fantastic ways but the humans have a only and irreplaceable form to do this.
We like go to school, maybe the methods of teaching will change, but I think the teachers and schools is our best time in life, which we never forget, so the school always will be important in our everyday life.