For me Christmas is the most important time in the whole year. It id the only time when my whole family is together.People ale nice and kind to each other. In my homer preparation for Christmas begin with start of the Advent when my family and I go to the Church.The first sign of the coming Chrostmas is smell fereshly Christmas tre.In Chrisymas Eve women in my home spend in the kitchen all the time preparing twelve dishes.The men decorate the whole house as well and together decorate Chrisymas tree with balls,chains and lamps.Together also sent Chrisymas cards yo friends and family.When the first star appeared on the sky.Under the tablecloth hay is laid but one place remains for an unexpected visitor. On the table are twelve dishes: red beet soup with little dumplings, mushroom soup, ravioli, herring. There is also the main dish - carp. We give the wafer to animals so that they can speak in a Human voice. We unpack the presents from under the Christmas tree and we sing together carolsnext we go to the Chutch for Christmas Midnight.
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I choosed Christmas because I the most like this celebration. Then we meet all of family and every is good for different person. Then nobody isn't sad everybody are happy and kind for people. I always go to grandmother on the christmas with my brother and parents. First we are dividing wafers. Later we are eating any meals and in the end we are getting presents. This celebration is 24 december. The tradiotions of the christmas is this than we are singing carol, getting presents and going to churng on midnight mass. A usage is a christmas tree. The meals which we are eating on this festivity that are: herrings, carp, borsch, mushroom soup, ravioli and much more.