You are going to write a brochure for a sports and health club.

1. What's the name of your club and where is it ?
2. Why is it the best ? Who goes there ?
3. What has the club got ?
4. How con people spend their time at the club ?
5. What specialists are there ?
6. How do people feel when they leave ?

Ma to być jakiś sportowy klub, słownictwo na poziomie gimnazjum, max. w kilkunastu zdaniach



My club is name "Star" and it's on the street mariacka 8 , between a gym and primary school.It's the best becouse everything is free and you can meet here every kind of people.My club has got a swiming pool , restaurant , news aggent and football camp.People spend time here for a sport or meet a friends or they meet difrent people.In my club specifical is atmosfere , everyone can find here something what he likes.I think that people hate leave Star , becosue outside no everyone it's nice like people in the star.

Mam nadzieje że ci sie podoba:)
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