In that week it was sensational! Together with my best friend GO the shops;) was Wonderful! After purchasing the Divine THE CLOTHING I went to our colleagues. Together with them we went to McDonald's, where he is EXTREMELY EAT!;) Later in the next talked about things. Never was playing so well! This day was the best;)) I've never felt so good!

I HAVE to repeat;)!

Wiem , że nie m,a tiu 70 słów , ale nie wiedziałm co jeszcze napisać ;)

I sprawdź czy WSZYSTKO JEST OK ;)
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My weekend .

I on Friday evening, stay in home with my friend.We played computer games, and watch Tv. My friend stayed with me this weekend. In Saturday we went to my grandmother .We go to my Freiends .We plays volleyball and
went to the zoo.In Sunday we get up at 9 am. We do my homework in Sunday.