Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I woud like to become in future:
-Fire fighter
because this occupation is interesting and I would like to help different men. The fireman this the very dangerous occupation because it gets the call of to car incidents, the railway catastrophes and air, the leakages of dangerous substances, explosions of bombs and the natural catastrophes. Fireman is also very responsible occupation .The firemen seek, they save and they remove the men and the animals from burning buildings, places of incidents and different dangerous situations as well as they Organize for wounded persons first help. Use they to these aims specialist equipment special heat-proof equipped in facilitating apparatuses clothes breathing, they direct or they make up the crew of vehicles fire guard, they with which move to place of event. They control and fires extinguish using extenguishing equipment: ladders, snakes, pumps, axes as well as fire-extinguishers. It is this very interesting occupation .
because it is this wanted profession. It be deficient good builder now, therefore it is this enough payable profession. It is also very large physical effort, it therefore was can often fall ill on different illnesses of bone. However it by all is this interesting profession.
- racing driver
Because if I became ricing driver my dream would fulfil . I represent these races to me always when they at television are how this would be. So as would want …….(tu wpisz imię twojego ulubionego kierowcy ) to ride different racing tracks. I would then travel and my other dreams come true. This is also very payable and interesting profession . I Would like to be also best in this what I'll be doing/
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