How healthy is your lifestyle?

Christopher (16 years old)
I think I'm quite a healthy person. My diet is good. I don't eat a lot of fast food and I only eat healthy snacks. I don't eat much meat , but I eat lots of vegetables. I like walking and cycling. My mum and dad often take us into the mountains at the weekends with our bicycles. We sometimes cycle twenty kilometers or more. I always feel great after a day in the fresh air, and I sleep really well.

Katie ( 15 years old)
I'm very energetic. I love sport and exercise. I go swimming three times a week. I eat quite a healthy diet. I never eat fast food , but I propably eat too much sugar. I love chocolate. Sometimes I eat a chocolate bar every day. I'm not overweight, but I know I should eat less. Chocolate always gives you energy at first , but then you feel tired after a while ! I often do dancing at the weekend with my friends. That keeps me fit. We dance all night!

Daniel (15 years old)
My lifestyle isn't very healthy. I don't eat any fruit and vegetables and i drink too much coffe. I often go to bed late. so I don't get enough sleep, then I drink a lot of coffe to stop me feeling tired. I play football once a week with my friends, but I propably don't do enough exercise. I like watching football on television which is very relaxing , but not very good exercise ! I need to be more energetic and healthier food.

In your notebook, write answers to the questions.
1. Who do you think has the healthiest lifestyle ? Explain why?
2. Who do you think has the worst lifestyle? Explai why?
3. How can Katie have a better lifestyle?
4. How can Daniel have a healthier lifestyle?



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.I think, the healthiest lifestyle has Christopher , because he doesn't eat a lot of fast food and he eats lots of vegetables. He likes walking and cycling.
2.I think, the worst lifestyle has Daniel , because he doesn't eat any fruit and vegetables. He drinks too much coffe.He often go to bed late so he doesn't get enough sleep.
3.Katie can has a better lifestyle when she stop eat too much sugar
4.Daniel can has better lifestyle when he start eat fruit and veteatbles and when he stop driknk too much coffe.He should go to bed earlier.
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