Więc to będzie pocztówka z wakacji :]

Dear Sam,

Greetings from Australia!This is a fantastic place,and it's really hot. I'm wearning shorts and a T-shirt, in the middle of December!
Sydney is a beautiful city. We are staying a nice hotel near the beach. My parents go singhtseeing every day but I like spending my mornings of the beach and I enjoy the sun.
We go out every night I can't stop eating shrimps -they're delicious !
Hope you are well. See you on Sunday.
Punia :]

powinno być dobrze :) ja z tego dostałam 6 :P
To moze o wakacjach? ;)

LAst August I went to Croatia with my parents. We traveled by car and stayed there for a week. The journey wasn`t very long. We drove to Croatia via different countries like Germany or France. In Croatia we stayed at a camp site near the sea and we slept in a tent. On the first day we were at the sea side for whole day. In the evening we were in a beautiful old restaurant. We ate sea fruit. On the second day we visited a town called Lupa. There was a coloseum so we took a lot of pictures. It was a great view. On 5th day of our trip we were at a concert by accident because we didin`t know that there was one. We colud see it for free. In Croatia people were very nice and helpful we met people from France and we spent the whole evening with them we talked with them about French and Polish culture. On the last day we were in the old market and we bought some souvenirs. When we travelled back to Poland we stayed in a small hotel in the Czech Republic. We ate very good bread there. when we came back home we went to bed and slept the whole day. The holiday was very nice. And will be in our memories forever.

moze byc?? ;)