A)complete the sentences.Use the past continuous
1.what_______(you/talk)about when I came in?
2.he didn't call you because his mobile phone _________(not/work)
3.they____(live) in Sydney when their first child was born
4.I'm sorry ___________(you/watch)that programme?
5.we______(walk)along the beach when we saw a snake
6.she_______(not/drive)when the car hit the tree.I was
7.it ________(snow)when they arrived in New York
b)write sentences with when.use the past simple and past continuous
1.He/break/his leg/ski
2.The boys/fight/their father/come home
3.A dog/eat/my sandwich/I/sleep/in the park
4.We/study/in the library/the fire/start



Ja będę tylko pisać to co ma być w wykropkowanych miejscach.

a) 1.were you talking
2.wasn`t working
3. were living
4. were you watching
5. were walking
6. wasn`t driving
7. was snowing
b) 1. when he was skiing, he broke his leg
2. when their father was coming home, the boys fighted
3. when I was sleeping in the park , a dog ate my sandwich.
4. when we studying in the library, the fire started

2 3 2
1.do you talking
2.isn't working
4.do you watching
6.isn't driving

przyk. b nie zrobięę bo nie pamiętam ;/