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My dog name is __________, It is ____ yeas old and It has a ginger fur.It likes long walk with me and her favourite snack is a sosuage but it likes also pedegree food.It is a very clever and happy dog. It does not bark on people but when I was in a danger It would protect me without thinking. I love her very much and in the future I would like to have dog too.
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I have got o dog. It's name's is Dżoncio. It is brown and white. It has got beautiful, black, little nose. My dog is very sweet and pretty. It has got very sweet eyes. I love its.

prosze bardzo ;***
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I have a dog.He is a "PICO" It is very very sweet. He is a small . His race is lablador. When he growing , he is bigger . He is a black. Pico have a short feet and short white tail . I usually playing with my dog, he is very funny . He is eat special food for dogs . I love my Pico. :):**
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