A to łatwe. piszesz np :
I would like...
My bedroom can be..(np big, spacy, etc)
the walls can be... (np blue colorfull etc)
meble: Furnitures must be (np in red, look nice etc)
łóżko: I tkink my bed must be ( np comfortable, big, ...)
biórko (np I reallu need desk, because I must learn a lot..)
i taki tam..
mam nadzieje że pomogłam :)
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My ideal room from my dreams is huge room only for myself. Here nobody can't tell me what I must or have to do and I don't have to clean my big room, beacuse I've got a cleaner. Celing is 4 metres high! My walls are blue and on them are posters with players of my favourite teams Football and Volleyball. There is much of posters with bands, too. Opposite the biggest wall is window. I see here all my neighbourhood. My bed is in shape of Formula 1 car. Near bed is my desk. I do there homework, surf in Internet (on my nootebook) and listen to music. I like big clothes (lubię duże ciuchy) so I must have big wardrobe for my clothes. It is next to the window and near wardrobe I have got a big plazma TV in the wall. In the middle of my room, there is a billard table. Little further is table when I can eat. I can listen very loud music and nobody don't scream that I must turn it off. I very like my room, beacuse it's big and I can do whatever I like.