His name is Bartek. Bartek often wears blue jeans, leather t-shirt and yellow cap. His favourites clothes are blue jacket, green shoes and leather gloves. He is a teenager. He often is happy but sometimes angry and sad. He is very funny and he is kind person.
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He (it) is boy dressed to jeans in blouse of color black. Boy of chared (sunbathed) complexion, has hair color dark fair, but eyes blue. Boy about nice good and at effective character.

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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Monika is a young, pretty girl with blue eyes and middle-lenght, fair hair. Her hair is straight. She is rather tall. Her face is pretty without any freckles. Monica is slim and very good-looking. She is sociable, definitely brainy and rather amtitionus. Monica is wearing jeans, t-shirt and pullover.
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