Potrzebuję opis obrazka na podstawie pytań.
Oto treść zadania..
Imagine your life picture and description. Make notes to answer the questions.
1.Look at the colour chart. Which colours are in your picture? Why?
-Red - exciting.You are active and energetic.
-Yellow - happy. You are relaxed and cheerful.
-Green - natural. You are friendly and open.
-Blue - calm. You dont like to be worried.
-Brown - warm. You need people around you.
-Black - rebellious. You want to be different.
2.Imagine a big photo in your picture. What ere you doing in the photo? Why do you like this activity?
3.What people are in your picture? Why?
4.What other things are in the picture? What are your favourite places and interests?



In my picture there are three colours: yellow, blue and green.
I'm sitting on a bench in a park and listening to a music.
In my picture there is a young girl with a dog and an old couple.
In my picture there are also a huge lake and an old tree. I like parks and cinemas.

nie wiem czy o to chodzilo ale dziwnie sformulowane zadanie bylo.
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My picture is yellow , blue and black.
I'm in my room.
In the photo I can see me and my friends , when we play on the videos game , I love do it , becouse we are laughting all the time.My friends are on this photo , becouse it was my birthsday party , I finished 16 years old.In this photo , I can see something very interesing , it s my paitng , who pait for me my mom , I m loving it.My favorite place is my room.I feel so good in them
mam nadzieje ze pomogłam:)
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