When the holiday started people thinking about where we go out. Some people decided to go abroad, others stay in your countries. In my essay I present advantages and disadvantages of spend in foreign countries.
Journey to foreign countries have many advantages and disadvantages. To start when we going abroad we can improve your ours language skills for talking with other people. Secondly we can meet new friends and different interesting people with foreign countries, who have a similar interests. We can sightseeing landscapes and knowing culture of foreign countries. And we can visit very interesting places. For going abroad we can have a lot of attractions, which not available in ours countries. We can visit a lot of shopping malls and entertainments etc. Also, for going abroad we can learn more geographic and learning for other countries and regions.
Spends holiday abroad have disadvantages. However going abroad is costs too much and not everyone has a cash for it. Persons who don't know foreign language shall a problem witch talking with other people. Another disadvantage of going abroad is this - when we don't know another countries we can get lost. In addition when we going abroad to exotic countries we can ill for exotics ills and epidemics. A problem shall be a ignorance of morals another countries and we can be seeing badly for another people. What is more in other countries we can be in danger for politics concerns and terrorists attracts, what can break ours holiday.
To um up holiday have many advantages and a lot for disadvantages. In my opinion when we decided to go abroad we can knowing a beauty of yours countries.