First mention presents village in document with (from) 1332 ( ) Łodzia; in (to) over in (to) 1423 city transmit (be suitable) right Przedborzu Pilicą, but permit will will settle along with them on organizing trade. Spread out as small agricultural village to the end XVII lodz (boat) w., there be ownership of bishopric włocławskiego. Then, she (it) becomes local business center and eight grinding mills were contained handicraftsman's here ( and workshops emerge kołodziejów, bednarzy, shoemakers, carpenter and butchers ). include (switch on) in top period of development (evolution) on start XVI " lodz (boat) agricultural " w., village counts ok. 700 Inhabitants. Lodz (boat) hits for (after) in (to) 1793 for prussian annexation (annexed territories) II partition of poland . It counts inhabitants in this time 250 only, but area built over (been built over) includes present old city. In (to) 1798 , owing to secularization of church goods (right), it becomes government city. It belongs to warsaw principality from 1807 , from 1815 for polish kingdom. In (to) 1820 - decision authority government industrial precipitate (settlement) include (switch on) for bunch lodz (boat) - and allocation of (destination of) its (her) role of weave center and sukienniczego. This decision is start of period of development (evolution) " lodz (boat) industrial ". Businessmen arrive for lodz (boat) and among others, workers from great poland and silesian, but from brandenburg mainly, saxony, czech republic (czechs) and moravia. In order to cope with requirements of producers of tissues and knitwear and at they crowd (reich) employee (staff) employee , municipal authorities in lats (summers; years) 1821 - - 1823 they plan - and settlement new city wytyczają sukienniczą. It invest (locate) her (it) on afternoon (south) from existing old city, but it is put most important element centrally, eight-lateral market, with out of four on its (his) pivot streets ( today's square freedom ). In lats (summers; years) 1824 - 1827 next settlement wytyczają - boat, cities on afternoon (south) put again, along pivot, street presents which (who) Piotrkowska. Violent development of (evolution of) lodz (boat) follows (step) and transforming of its (her) within some tens (any tens) from small town in (to) 1830 lat (summer; year) 4 thousand ( counting, but in (to) 1865 to industrial metropolis with (from) 300 in (to) 1900 40 thousand thousand inhabitants ) and in (to) 1914 500 thousand , that is world record of demographic incrementation (growth). Great workshops emerge on start of period " lodz (boat) " wielkoprzemysłowej, among others, complex of factory ludwik Geyera, from 1828 developing (spread out) with first in the area of polish kingdom steam machine - ( 1839 ) - known today as white factory. Period brings custom (relevant) barriers after decay of november revolt ( 1831 ) and certain stagnation. However, they drive next situation in second (other) half (hunt) XIX development (evolution) market internal w., opening in (to) 1865 railroad line factory for on route of railroad - lodz Koluszek Warszawsko - bentwood. Municipal authorities tried (look) to regularize in interwar period by invader neglect city. General instructing introduce, it build model modern schools, many public houses throw up, several hospitals and it will will settle residential, it set up (found) sewerage and water-supply. During world war ii, lodz (boat) include for crowd (reich), but it change him (it) on name Litzmannstadt. Ghetto build (create) on area of old city for jews (jews), but camp at for children industrial street. Along with decay of communism, lodz (boat) has ended career of textile city, in order to new offices of firms emerge in place of old plant (bet) and stores. One of main highlight of lodz (boat) street become Piotrkowska. It is possible to see curious that with classicism city-hall * square freedom, northern mouth (exit) street 1827 ( ) Piotrkowskiej; * palace Maksymiliana Goldfedera, street 1892 77 ( ) Piotrkowska; * palace juliusz Neobarokowy Heinzla, street 1882 104 ( ) Piotrkowska; * palace brother Neorenesansowy Steinertów, street 1896 272 ( ) Piotrkowska; * areaway (passage) Meyera, ul.St. 1886 ( ) Moniuszki; * Museum art, street 1876 72 ( ) Przędzalniana; * secessional small palace power station lodz, gdansk street 107; * house henry Neorenesansowa Grohmana, street 1892 24/26 ( ) Tymienieckiego; * church roman catholic Neogotycki Wniebowzięcia NMP, square (poland). Church ( 1897 ); * ZOO, at runaway of street Krzemienieckiej and 1938 ( ) Konstantynowskiej; * lodz garden botanical, street Krzemienicka; to each summer (years old) sunday * line tram 0 served antique composition (warehouse) 5N 5ND;
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