Napisz historie z napadu na bank, użyj słów (robbers, bank clerk, police, witness, prison, judge, mask, identify, trial, surround, arrest) i ok. 120-150 słów
w past simple- past continiuous
No żeby było dość zrozumiałe i takie jak by to pisał 3 gimnazjalista ;]z góry Dzięki



In Ireland the police stopped 6 men and the woman in relationship with the largest in history of country assault at bank. 7 padło with the gangsters' loot million euro yesterday, carried out from vault of Bank of Ireland in Dublin.

The gangsters kidnapped the members family 24 - the summer worker of Bank of Ireland and threatening that they will kill them, they forced him to extraction from vault 7 million euro. The terrorise worker who had to vault keys packed up in plastic bags notes and he delivered in appointed by gangsters place. Criminals slowed down family and they ran away from cash.
Police suspects, that assault is work well-known gang, which acts in northern districts Dublina. Leaders estimate investigation, that gangsters planned operation very exactly. By several months they assembled the information about workers of Bank of Ireland as well as about procedures and concurrent customs undertaking from vault cash. Inconceivable, that they had partner bank inside.