My cat is a Persian cat. It has green eyes and fluffy hair orange. This is probably because I called him Garfield. Has a pointed, protruding ears covered with hair as fluffy.
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I've got a cat. His name is Micki. He's got a long, brown and black fur. His eyes are small and green, he's ears ale small. Micki's nose is pink and very small.
My cat's tail is very, very long. He's legs are short and black. I LOVE MY CAT !
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
It's cat-Tofik. Tofik has got four, short leg. He has got small ear and small, pink nose. Tofik likes milk and Whiskas :D. He is black in white dots. Tofik likes plays ball and likes scratch.He has got 1 year. I like my cat.
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