Work in pairs and follow the instructions. Use going to and
the Present Continuous.

Read the adverts and choose one of the holidays.
Write a short dialogue as a model.Say:
-where you plan to go.
-how you`re going to get there.
-when you`re leaving and where from.
-where you`re going to stay.
-what you plan to do when you arrive.
success 2 pre-intermediate student's book



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
-Hi! Where are you going at next holidays?
-Hi! I think that i will go to the family. They live in Częstochowa.
-It's good idea!
-How you will reach there?
-I'm planning going by train.
-In my opinion better idea is going by car.
-When you`re leaving and where from?
-I don't know this at the moment.
-Are you staying in your family's house?
-Yes, I want.
-What are you going to do there?
-I want have good fun!