Present Continuous:
1. I'm learning English at the moment.
2. I'm going to my grandparents next weekend.
3. I'm writing.
4. I'm talking to you.
5. He's asking her.
6. She's lying.
7. She's sunbathing with her mum.
8. They are going to school.
9. We're playing football and volleyball.
10. She's helping him.
11. He's doing his homework.
12. You're thinking about your girlfriend.
13. I'm going for a walk.
14. It's raining today.
15. He's having a dinner.

Present Simple:
1. I go to school every day.
2. He always does his homework after school.
3. She usually plays the guitar on Mondays.
4. You never play volleyball.
5. She often thinks about her boyfriend.
6. It usually snows in winter.
7. I go to the swimming pool twice a week.
8. His father plays football with him.
9. They always go to school across the river.
10. She doesn't like him.
11. I don't go to the cinema at Tuesdays.
12. He always play football with his friends.
13. My mum cooks very good dinners.
14. My father usually watches sports news.
15. I don't like this programme.
1) We cooking dinner now.
2) You listening music.
3) I watches a film.
4) I eating breakfast now.
5) I washing the dishes.
6) I doing to homework.
7) I swiming now.
8) I drawing.
9) I helping to my mother.
10) I speaking with my frend.
11) I reading a book.
12) I sleeping now.
13) You danceing now.
14) They singing.
15) She siting.

1) I go to swiming pool every monday.
2) You eat apple every day.
3) He likes going for a walks.
4) She likes sing every day.
5) We don't like wake up at six o'clock.
6) You like watch tv.
7) They dance every week.
8) I go to shool every day.
9) He very likes speak.
10) She likes buy clothes.
11) She likes go in cinema in saturday.
12) I don't like go in shool.
13) You colour in a week.
14) We drive a horse.
15) I cook in sunday.
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Present Coninus:
1. I'm playing football now.
2. Are you watching TV?
3. What are you doing ?
4. My brother is painting at the moment.
5. My mum is cooking now.
6. I'm taking a photo of you.
7. It's really annoying.
8. My phone is ringing.
9. My brother is always interruptinh me.
10. What aren't they doing?
11. Where are the people?
12. They aren't smiling.
13. Tell me, who is watching me?
14. I'm enclosing a photo of me and my sisters.
15. I can't face leaving the house...

Present Simple:
1. He looks nice.
2. Who takes there photos?
3. People here don't chat.
4. What do you do with them all?
5. Don't worry about that.
6. She washes the dishes twice a day.
7. Do you have boyfriend?
8. What's kind of music do you like?
9. He doesn't eat meat.
10. The flight to New York leaves at 7 a.m.
11. What time does the conference finish?
12. Tom doesn't usually go to shool.
13. I hope to see you again soon.
14. He pretended no to notice me.
15. I always piss through the windows.
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