My dream city is ... . It is very beautiful and large, in a forest called ... are beautiful and lush plants and trees here are turned off and slide. In a forest ranger who lives called Rhobert. In addition to the forest park is ... to which I go every day with my friends: Patrick and Anna. Also often take my dog Cap'a and throw frissbi. My house is beautiful - my family lives there with me - Mark Dad, Mom and my sister Violeta Riki. My room is very beautiful - the whole wallpaper is wazonikami with flowers, my own european - table, 4 chairs and a wardrobe and chest of drawers. I also own bed which is painted pink. In addition to my room Riki is a small room, downstairs bedroom is your mum and dad. I will not describe the rest. The school is very close by, is only 2 streets away from mine. The school is a yellow-green and her name is ... I only go to class 4 but soon I will be big - so says the mom, and I will be your doctor. And in the hospital - our hospital in the city center and I worked there once. I really like to go to Dr. Britta, have long straight hair and blue eyes. Whenever I do get the vaccine at the end of the sticker, recently got a sticker with a dog. Next to the pharmacy to find a police building. It is a round bronze plaque hangs above the door with the inscription: POLICE in ... . The city is also a library. It is near the school. Often I go to her and lend any books - most recently lent a book Fri Title; "..." . For me this is a very interesting book about the adventures of a boy Jim. In our town it is also a lot of shops, kiosks and other public buildings. This is the end of my description of the city.

Gdzie jest : "...." wpisz nazwę miasta i coś tam jeszcze :)

Pozdrawiam i liczę na punkciki ;] MchxL

PS: Napisz jeżeli ten opis jest dobry :)
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