Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Last weekend I spent mostly at home. I got up at 7. Then I had breakfast. Then I went out to meet my friends. We went to a shopping centre. I had great time there. When I came home I had the dinner. After it I learnt for some time. Before I went to bed I watched TV for some time.
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I went to my Grandfather on Saturday morning. On his room I found really interesting book about animals. I sat on sofa and I read this book. My cousin was became to ours Grandfather and we rode to Swimming Pool in Gwiazda Hotel. I swam 5 km. We went to restaurant and we ate pizza and drank my favourite drink - cola. I saw here Kasia and Tomek and we all together rode to my Grandfather, becouse he rang to my mobile phone. He broke a leg!!
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