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The increasing availability of online communication tools not only increase productivity, in which people interact, but also brought about changes in the way people interact. Socialization in chat rooms on the Internet has become a growing trend. Online communication is fast becoming a subsitute for face to face communication. Due to the interpersonal boundaries of internet chat rooms, it is easy for people to express themselves in a manner, which rarely take place in more personal settings. Some would even go so far as to say the Internet chat is a state of anarchy due to lack of control and regulation. Chat rooms can be used for students to chat live with other users online at this time. This is called "synchronous" communication. Chat rooms can have specified topics that students talk or may be open to all subjects. Many threats were linked to the open chat rooms where people really do not know who they are "conversations" with the misuse and discussions can take place. Chatting with friends online - via services like MySpace and Bebo - is beginning to take over from watching TV as a hobby of many young people. Most of the discussions happening in the so-called 'online communities. Unlike chat rooms, they are not open to all, everyone must be invited to join in a safer option is a private chat room where only certain known users can chat. This could be useful for students in the class discussion with each other, for students to work in groups or in private conversations with several people. It is not so useful when students are in different time zones because the discussion takes place in real time. Asynchronous calls can be made by discussion forums.
Chat rooms (synchronous discussions) seem to have several advantages over newsgroups, listservs, or mailing (asynchronous discussions) - with one exception. Discussions on complicated concepts, when conducted in asynchronous mode, can take many days or even weeks to complete. In a chat room, the discussion may be completed in a shorter time. This can be very important in teaching math, science and technology.
However, the concept has recently evolved in such a way that relates mainly to talk simultaneously (synchronous). This means that participants have on their computers at the same time, and respond to mail them right away, as well as discussions between people in the room.

1.The major disadvantage of chat rooms is that the participants should schedule a meeting within a specified time. As in the case of any other meeting, it may be inconvenient, and can have multiple administrations to achieve with busy people.

2.At currently does not have many permanent public chat rooms have been established for educational purposes.
While public chat rooms for the purpose of schooling is much, much (most, and those most easily accessible, by all appearances) which are devoted to sexually explicit conversation, a kind that is most suitable for most students. It is rumored that some people with a taste for sexual abuse of children have used chatrooms to make contact with the child victims. Many people may not be familiar with how an internet chat room works. After entering the chat room, a person will have an identifier. ID may be specific to a particular chat room or depending on the provider, they can be a login to their website. These identifiers are typically anynomous in nature.
Internet chat room in an environment that is anynomous and which allows for uninhibited freedom without fear indentified. This allows you to stay in control and make expressions that can not be done in face to face interaction.
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