Najlepsza Odpowiedź!

My favorite feast is a celebration of all saints.
This feast celebrated November 1. Visit graves of people who departed from us, but there will always be in our hearts.
We gather the whole family and we pray for them.
Because so much we love them and they us, too.
We light candles, bring flowers to their graves were beautiful.

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Christmas Eve - the day where I am always very happy. This year our family said that we'd spend that time in Italy, skiing and reposing. The day before that joyful event, when I was walking through the nearby park, I saw a face of my best friend which suddenly appeared on the surface of a block of ice. Next day, when everybody was sleeping, I saw the second ghost. He was bigger and thinner than the first one. He let me see the present Christmas. I saw me and a broken vase of my mum. I didn't want to own up and I hid it in my room. The Ghost told me that I should not have hidden it and apologize my mum. I promised that I would do this. I got up at the midnight and I decided to write an apology letter to my mum before the coming of the third ghost.We had fantastic family Christmas.
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