Nie wiem, na ile to ma byc zdań. (;

one monday, like everyday, i went to school. of course, i was tired and sleepy, but i felt, that something amazing will happen today. on maths my mobilephone rang. it was my mom, but the theacher was angry, so i turned the phone off. i couldn't stop thinking about it. my mom never call me, when i am at school. i thought, that something wrong has happend. when a bell for a break rang, i ran out of the class and called my mother. she was really happy, because we won a travel to london. it was my tipical day.

mam nadzieję, że możesz zmyślac. ;-p
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My tipical day is Saturday. I love this day, because this day is free at school. On Saturday I always help my grandma with cooking. Later I always visit my friends: Ada, Jessica and Ola and we go to the mall. And we go to the cinema. Next we go to the disco and we dance 5 hours ! My friends sleep in my house. In the night we don't sleep. We watch TV and DVD, we listen to music, talk and eat fastfood. This day is fantastic !

może być ? ;P
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My best day in my life

The first of September on thousand nine hundred and ninety-nin, I remember to this day. This was the most important day in my life. I was then 7 years old, his hans in a cast and want to go to school. I woke up early in the morning, my mother helped me to dress- I was wearing a beautiful white jacket and navy skirt. Start of the school years would start at nine. I was wondering how the school and with whom I can learn from. School was great. I was afraid that I lose in it. When I went inside it was a lot of children. I did not know anyone there, except for a few friends from the yard. I talked briefly with them and my mother went with me to my class. I sat with my new friends in the pews when you entered any. Was our teacher. She loked beautifully- she was young and had a charming smile. She told us about the school and classroom. Then I went home with my mother, to a new books into the new backpack and was ready to start schooling.